II-UKEM 2018

Organising committee:
Dr N. Artioli (Queen's University Belfast)
Dr Francisco R. Garcia-Garcia (University of Edinburgh)

4 October 2018

Research Complex at Harwell

9.30-10.00 Registration and Coffee
10.00-10.15 Opening
SESSION 1 Emission control: state of the art (overview)
Chair Dr Nancy Artioli, Queen’s University Belfast
10:15-10:45 Dr Iain Murray, Ford Motor Company
10.45-11.00 Discussion
SESSION 2 New materials (catalysis and micro structured supports)
Chair Dr Zhentao Wu, Aston University


Dr Francisco Garcia-Garcia, University of Edinburgh

Roberto Mennitto, University of Edinburgh

11.40-12.00 Discussion
12:00-13:00 LUNCH BREAK
SESSION 3 New approaches for emission control technology
Chair Dr Francisco Garcia-Garcia, University of Edinburgh


Prof Chris Hardacre, University of Manchester

Prof Stephen Salter, University of Edinburgh

13.40-14.00 Discussion
SESSION 4  Emission measurements
Chair Prof Andrew Beale, UCL


Dr  Stefano Di Palma, Ricardo

Dr Nancy Artioli, Queen’s University Belfast

14.40-15.00 Discussion
15.00-15.20 COFFEE BREAK
SESSION 5 Advanced characterisation for emission control
Prof  Paul Wright, University St. Andrews


Dr Georg Held, University of Reading

Ivalina Minova, University of St Andrews

16:00-16:20 Discussion


Name Institute/Company
Desiree Duran-Martin Johnson Matthey
Husn Islam Johnson Matthey
Paul Millington Johnson Matthey
Tim O’Connell Johnson Matthey
Dogan Ozkaya Johnson Matthey
Misbah Sarwar Johnson Matthey
Maciach Smith Johnson Matthey
Tim Watling Johnson Matthey
Liam Bailey Cardiff University
Michael Bowker Cardiff University
Anna Cooper Cardiff University
Miguel Garcia Vazquez University of Edinburgh
Francisco R Garcia Garcia University of Edinburgh
Simona Mazzone University of Edinburgh
Roberto Mennitto University of Edinburgh
Stephen Salter University of Edinburgh
Ke Wang University of Edinburgh
David Eastwood University of Manchester
Adam Greer University of Manchester
Matthew Jones University of Manchester
Chris Hardacre University of Manchester
Ivalina Minova University of St. Andrews
Paul Wright University of St. Andrews
Zhentao Wu Aston University
Nancy Artioli Queen’s University Belfast
Mohammad Elenin Queen’s University Belfast
Ruairi O’Donnell Queen’s University Belfast
Tomasso Pellegrinelli Queen’s University Belfast
Kathryn Ralphs Queen’s University Belfast
Andrew Beale University College London
Ines Lezcano-Gonzalez University College London
Roberto Caporali Ford Motor Company
Anna Krajinska Ford Motor Company
Iain Murray Ford Motor Company
Max Singer Ford Motor Company
Matthew Stankows Ford Motor Company
Georg Held University of Reading
Dave Grinter Diamond Light Source
Pilar Ferrer Escorihuela Diamond Light Source
Anna Kroner Diamond Light Source
Stefano Di Palma Ricardo
Aliu Opeyemi Olanipekun