#UKEM Poster Twitter Conference

The #UKEMPoster Twitter Conference is a online event held entirely over Twitter to bring members of the scientific research community together to share their research, network and engage in scientific debate on aftertreatment technologies.

Held online over the 24 hours before the UKEM Conference, this unique format helps researchers share their work and network across different aspects of the emission control wherever they are in the world. 

How it works:
• Register to submit a poster (use the link below)
• Tweet your poster with a title, #UKEMPoster and relevant subject hashtag(s)
• Discuss and engage – throughout the 24h conference; make sure to answer the questions from the community, committee and comment on other #UKEMPoster
• Win prizes if your #UKEMPoster is deemed best by UKEM Chairs

REGISTER NOW to take part on 20th October 2021 at 15:00 BST, and help us to spread the word.
Tips to prepare your poster:

What size/format should my #UKEMPoster be?
You can choose any dimensions for your #RSCPoster, the important thing is that the text and figures are clear for people to read and understand. Using Microsoft PowerPoint, we found a text size of between 12-16 were clear to read when saving an A4 slide as a JPEG and uploading to Twitter. Using an A0 template, the text needed to be between 50 and 60 to be legible. You can use any software you like to create your poster, as long as the image you upload is clear for others to read. We recommend testing your poster on Twitter before the conference to make sure you are happy with your image. Check out this blog post by Zen Faulkes for some top tips for making posters with Twitter in mind: http://betterposters.blogspot.com/2019/02/top-tips-for-twitter-posters.html

How can I maximise the accessibility of my #UKEMPoster?
There are a number of resources available to increase the accessibility of your #UKEMPoster to different user groups! Below are some suggestions and links to resources:
• When you Tweet images you have the option to compose a description of the images so the content is accessible to people who are visually impaired. Please see https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/picture-descriptions for more information on how to do this. The image descriptions have a character limit so we suggest including the title in this image description, and put further details or explanation about the poster content as a thread in the comments.
• The UK Home Office has guidelines for inclusive communications which may be useful to keep in mind when designing your poster. Please see how best to design accessible posters for different user groups.
• If you want to test how accessible your #UKEMPoster is to people with different types of colour blindness, this website provides a colour blindness simulator.
• Uploading a link to a PDF of your poster, alongside your image, may enable the use of screen readers for the visually impaired
• We encourage you to capitalise words in hashtags, use simple language and explain any acronyms, to help increase accessibility to non-native English speakers and those from a different or non-scientific background

Do I need to check the copyright and permissions needed for figures or any other parts of my #UKEMPoster which have already been published?
Yes. Copyright owners have the exclusive right to copy their work and to issue copies of their work to the public, and it is an infringement for anyone else to do so without the copyright owner’s permission. If you wish to include material that has been published by a publisher, you will need to check how the publisher/copyright owner of the third party material wishes to receive permission requests. Information on this can be found on our Permission Requests page at https://www.stm-assoc.org/intellectual-property/permissions/permissions-guidelines/